General Information:

On Cloud Vine, with the help of a few friends, have created a high quality marketing software for Vine geared toward naturally growing your social media profile(s). From it’s inception, via marketing and networking, we have created a private network of substantial and influential Vine users that have some serious clout on the video social media network.

Vine Noteworthy Facts:

– They are owned by Twitter
– About 5 tweets per second contain a link to a Vine video within it
– 2/3 of the world’s data will be video by 2017
–¬†Branded Vine video is 4x as likely to be seen than a regular video
(Source: DigitalBuzz)

We all know why you are here… you know the power and leverage Vine and their videos possess. Take a look at the bot features on the right hand side and download the program at your convenience. Use Vine to its fullest marketing potential!

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Bot Features:

Easy to use layout
Mass follower and unfollower
Mass liker and unlike
Mass re-Vines
Username and hashtag scraper
CAPTCHA support
Proxy support
Multi-threading support
Anti-ban support
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