What is my Vine profile link?

1. Open Vine and go to your profile by selecting “profile” from the top drop down menu.
2. Now, from your profile page, select “Settings”.
3. Now scroll down and Press “Invite via Text”.
4. Finally, copy the link that looks like: Vine://user/35643354335333” in the text window.

How do I find my Vine video's ID?

1. Make sure your Vine video is posted to your feed.
2. Tap the ellipses icon below the Vine video you want embed.
3. Click share this postfrom the popup menu.
4. Click Embed but if there is no embed option, you will need to share to Twitter first.
5. Type your email address in the To: field of the automatically generated email.
6. Open the email and press the enclosed link to receive instructions to embed your Vine video.
7. Copy and paste the automatically generated HTML code.

May I split my order between multiple accounts?

Yes, in many cases we can do that for you. Shoot us an email and we will assist. We are always online so will respond within an hour.

Do you do custom and/or bulk orders?

Yes, we will work with you on your custom and bulk order requests. Just contact us.